Bankruptcy: When and how?

What is a bankruptcy opening procedure? Before the opening of insolvency proceedings, the application will be examined by the insolvency court. Financial difficulties can occur in business as well as private individuals. If money can no longer be covered and debts can no longer be paid, insolvency is often the only way to be able […]

The “Dioni” of Almensilla declares that a high position “disposed” of money for “personal matters”

Julio Mateos Palacios, extesorero of the compensation board of Sector F of Almensilla (Seville) and currently in prison for the alleged embezzlement of 3.7 million euros from the accounts of that entity, has lent this Friday a judicial declaration for the first time and has assured that a former president of the board of compensation […]

BBVA Baby Planner

Necessary tests during pregnancy All the information you should know about the revisions of the pregnant Congratulations: the test has been positive. You are waiting for a baby! Now, you have to take care of yourself and avoid anything that could harm the baby that is forming inside you. To control the development of the […]

European Stock Exchange, FI

It is an International Variable Investment Fund. It invests most of the capital in equity or similar assets (shares, derivative instruments …), issued in different currencies. Aimed at investors who are willing to invest in a product with a very high risk profile , that is, to achieve a higher potential return, they are willing […]

The SES awards Liberbank a financing mechanism with 180 million at zero interest for payment to suppliers

      This financing instrument, which went public, will allow a “short-term debt” so that the SES can “face” its treasury needs and the “objective of the average payment period to suppliers”, which “has to be located in about the month, “explained the Minister of Health and Social Policy, José María Vergeles. In this […]