The SES awards Liberbank a financing mechanism with 180 million at zero interest for payment to suppliers



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This financing instrument, which went public, will allow a “short-term debt” so that the SES can “face” its treasury needs and the “objective of the average payment period to suppliers”, which “has to be located in about the month, “explained the Minister of Health and Social Policy, José María Vergeles.

In this sense, the holder of Extremadura Health, has said that the SES has “very good evolution”, to be paying its suppliers to around 40 – 50 days. “The ‘confirming’ was necessary to be able to adjust to the month,” said Vergeles, who has highlighted the usefulness of this mechanism “above all” to pay large suppliers such as pharmaceutical companies.

The agreement between the SES and Liberbank was presented on Wednesday at a press conference by the Minister of Health and the deputy general director of banking of companies of Liberbank, Bernardino Fernández. This financial entity has been awarded this ‘confirming’ for a period of one year, extendable for another year.

Vergeles has highlighted in this sense the offer “so advantageous” made by Liberbank, with this financing mechanism that, in addition, establishes a “zero interest”, while the contract with the previous successful bidder was 240 million euros and contained an interest of approximately 0.52 percent, he pointed out.


The Minister of Health has stated that this funding channel contributes to an “efficient” management of the SES and

the “planning of the treasury” of this body, while “helping” the supplying companies because they are “allowed to survive” the “complicated” economic situation of the country.

In addition, has valued this formula of payment to suppliers against the “delay” in these payments that causes the accumulation of late interest that “are being 8 percent”, which “medium and long term” is “unsustainable” for Extremadura accounts.

After noting that “until now” the Ministry of Finance has been “looking with magnifying glass” the indicator of the average period of payment to suppliers, Vergeles has highlighted that the Ministry has launched “budget measures”, highlighting the fact that ” the health budget in the region “has been growing” this term.

Regarding the functioning of the ‘confirming’ awarded to Liberbank, the counselor explained that, once the invoices reach the Health Service Extremadura, are verified and posted electronically, those that may be susceptible to send to ‘confirming ‘

Thus, the payments are processed through an application that joins the winning entity with the SES “to be able to pay the remittance of invoices sent to it periodically”, indicating “also the day of payment”, José explained. María Vergeles


This mechanism will be applied to the budgets that correspond to the Primary Health Care, Hospital Care and Public Health in those pharmacy concepts, mainly hospital pharmacy, and sanitary material. “It will allow us to pay and be up-to-date with hospital pharmaceutical products and medical supplies,” the counselor indicated.

On the other hand, the deputy general director of banking of companies of Liberbank, has shown the “pride” of this financial institution to subscribe this operation, that has considered “an example of the commitment” with Extremadura, region with which the entity wants to follow ” strengthening historical 

Bernardino Fernández stressed that suppliers can “benefit” from this mechanism when the “advance” of their charges occurs. In turn, has indicated to press questions that the “risk” of this mechanism is “fully acceptable” by Liberbank since the Board “meets all budget parameters” and has added that this ‘confirming’ “gives access” to the entity to “interact with suppliers”.