What is the correct coverage for your car insurance

In addition, there are numerous additional modules that you can close or not.

There are different types of car insurance that you can choose from

There are different types of car insurance that you can choose from

It depends on your unique situation which combination suits you best. But there are some global guidelines that you can follow. We list them for you.

Overinsurance is lurking

Especially if you have not looked critically at your coverage for a while, it can happen that you are over-insured. Since no-one likes to pay too much, it is therefore wise to check whether all-risk is still needed. Find out how old your car is now and what its value is. Based on that you can already make a well-founded choice.

When which coverage:

  • Allrisk coverage is perfect when your car is new or up to 4 years old. In that case, all damage that you yourself cause to others in the event of a collision and all damage that you cause to your own car is covered. Theft and vandalism are also included.
  • WA + (also known as WA limited hull) is ideal for cars that are between 4 and 8 years old. In addition to damage to the counterparty, this type of car insurance also covers windscreen, fire or storm damage. This also insures you against theft or burglary.
  • In most cases, WA offers enough coverage for cars 8 years or older. Certainly because the residual value after an accident is no longer that high. Why would you still pay a high premium? At the same time, you are still insured against damage that you cause to others.